ME... My Influence

How I Show Up

WE... Our Influence

How We Engage

LEAD... Unifying Influence

How Teams Excel
Your Style of Influence informs you how to leverage your key inputs,
how to engage in conversations around you, and how to flex when necessary.
The result is peak performance, yours and your team’s, every time.

Me... My Influence

The Style of Influence Assessment identifies your default behaviors... what motivates you to do your best, and how you will tend to relate with others. Your Feedback Reports are unique to you, revealing how you inherently process ideas and emotions, and then act on them. The Style Of Influence will assist you in putting your best you forward, whether you are working solo or as part of a team.

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We... Our Influence

When individuals come together as a team, one of the most significant challenges they will face is how they communicate and work together. Because each person approaches conversations and tasks from differing perspectives, they can at times feel different, even competing. The Style of Influence Team Graph helps a team to quickly identify differences and turn them from competing to complementing. The transparent conversations that follow produce greater trust and keep the focus on the task at hand, and not each other. The result is unity and trust. Greater achievement with less friction.

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Lead.... Unifying Influence

In this rapidly changing digital culture, we believe teams that achieve the greatest success will be those that are able to flex in the moment, while never losing speed. The Style of Influence helps teams see the 360° of a project; what is the data, what is it telling us, what are our options, what will we do. At every critical point of decision and execution, individual and team results inform the team's next best move. The Style of Influence fosters clarity and agility. When leveraged effectively, both of these attributes contribute to highest performance.

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