About SOI

Statistics can be sobering, as these are...

  • <1 in 3
    of U.S. employees strongly agree that, at work, their opinions seem to count.
  • 60%
    of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is "very important" to them
  • only 33%
    of U.S. employees say they are engaged at work vs. 70 percent engagement at the world's best organizations

Organizations utilize a variety of assessments to understand and motivate people. Given these statistics, these tools are not working. One factor may be that most are personality driven, which become less reliable when applied outside of oneself. Said another way, the results are subjectively interpreted and applied based upon the personality doing the interpretation. These results can leave a person frustrated and demotivated. 

The research behind the SOI identified four highly consistent activities teams engage in. The questionnaire poses 84 items that, when analyzed, identifies how a person will most naturally bring themselves to those activities. The results demonstrate an excellent internal consistency of reliability with a high degree of construct validity. The result is feedback that is not left to subjective interpretation, but is clear and objective... you can trust it.

The SOI is administered on-line, taking approximately 15 minutes to complete. The analytic works to compile results and they are immediately available through two feedback reports. To begin the process, click here.