As a consultant, you are committed to influencing individuals and teams to perform at their best. Think about it... how many conversations does it typically take before you are truly hitting stride with them? How would you like to cut that down to the first conversation?

The SOI, driven by a highly scientific and proven analytic, profiles individuals and teams in a way that immediately reveals their strengths, blind spots, motivations, and more. It is scientifically accurate, graphically revealing, and when you have seen the team graph, you will be impressed by how much information it communicates.

We know that teams rarely fail because of a lack of talent or desire. Most teams fail because they may not be asking the right questions... which is what you help them do. Utilizing their SOI results, you will point them to the best answer... every time.

The SOI is complex but not complicated. When you mine the richness of its insights, you will be a most trusted advisor to your clients. Contact us today to discuss your opportunity to begin utilizing the SOI.