The Style of Influence® (SOI) identifies key behaviors that are indicators of influencing characteristics. The development of the SOI, which began in the early 80’s, was designed to assist a person in understanding their influencing characteristics in four highly consistent behaviors exhibited within teams. In the research, the earlier these traits were identified and verbalized, by both the individual and the team, the more effective the team dynamics became.

In comparison to personality inventories, which are designed to inform a person of the content of WHO they are and are limiting by design, the SOI identifies HOW a person will tend to act based upon their default behavior preferences. A person can operate in any dimension of the four activities identified by the SOI... their results simply identify their strength, or starting point. When implemented, individually and in teams, attributes are optimized and conflict is minimized. The result is the achievement of higher performance in less time.  

The SOI is trustworthy. Through various analyses conducted, the four SOI Scales have a high to excellent degree of reliability. The four-dimension model of the SOI has a high degree of construct validity. The results from Exploratory Factor Analyses (EFA), Multi-Trait Multi-Method (MTMM) Matrix, and Confirmatory Factor Analyses (CFA), all strongly support the conclusion that the SOI demonstrates excellent validity both in terms of its measurement of the four constructs and its generalizability across two very large, heterogeneous samples of adults who completed the questionnaire for work or educational purposes.

The SOI has assisted thousands of teams achieve their best results. Reach out to learn more about the SOI and how it can help you do the same.