HR Leader

We have heard it said, “this job would be a lot more fun if I did not have to work with all these people!” For those engaged in the human capital of an organization, this statement can be painfully true. But it does not have to be that way!

The majority of individuals reaching out to engage the SOI have some level of role within talent management or human resources. Utilizing the SOI in your organization will address concerns that tend to emerge as people come together:
  • Communication – establishes a simple common language to help one another hear the intent behind the words
  • Coordination – informs teams how to lean on the right people at the right time to achieve best results
  • Cooperation – helps teams discuss objectives and develop trust to become unified in their words and actions

And, the Bonus... as you populate a database customized to your needs, your organization's SOI data is useable for research and decision making. More than a collection of results, the data informs you in the critical areas of hiring and succession, development opportunities, team composition, and much more.

Contact us today to discuss your interest and take a test drive... you will enjoy the ride!