You have most likely landed here with one of two motivations...
  1. someone told you how spot-on and insightful the SOI is and encouraged you to check it out, or
  2. you are looking for something in the area of personal development and a hot word in your search brought you here.

Regardless of your motivation, you’re about to uncover insights to unlock your potential! After you complete the brief Questionnaire, you will have access to a “You and Your Style” report. This report provides the personalized results from your responses, scientifically analyzed insights, that will inform you of your strengths, and your negative potentials, in four activities that have proven to be at work in almost every interaction you experience.

Share your results with someone who knows you well. Ask them to comment about how they see your strengths show up, then take a most significant step and ask them what you could do to minimize your blind spots that can begin to work against you if you are not aware.

We are confident this experience will help you realize the very best version of yourself! If we can be of assistance to help you gain the most from your results, contact us today.