The Four Scales

The four scales of the SOI measure dimensions of behavior observed as highly consistent within individual and team performance. While a person will exhibit a preferred style of behavior in each dimension, they are not limited to that behavior alone and will flex as need requires. The SOI identifies a person’s default style of influence and, as importantly, informs them of adjustments they will need to make when the activity requirements are outside their default.

cognitive style

The Cognitive Scale measures how one influences with ideas... the storage and communication of opportunity, data and facts. The dimensions range:

  • from concrete
    creating distinctions of information
  • to abstract
    allowing for breadth and movement of information

relational style

The Relational Scale measures how one influences with emotion... the experience of your emotion and the emotion of those around you. The dimensions range:

  • from insulated
    strong personal emotion with observation of others’ emotion
  • to empathetic
    demonstrating a personal emotion that adjusts with immediate awareness of others’ emotion

goal achievement style

The Goal Achievement Scale measures how one influences with their force of will... the urgency for goal closure and attention on the movements. The dimensions range:

  • from accommodating
    a primary motivation on the activity and coordination within a project
  • to assertive
    a primary motivation on the completion and impact of a project

detail style

The Detail Scale measures how one influences with order... the maintenance of systems and processes, of data and activity. The dimensions range:

  • from focus
    overview and delegation of tasks
  • to routine
    an in-depth hands-on approach to task completion