Who Can Benefit?


How do you interact with your environment? In what ways do you most naturally influence the people around you? The Style of Influence helps you answer these questions and more, through identifying your particular style and associated motivating preferences. Your SOI results provide you reliable data about your natural strengths and, with your results, you will find that you relate more effectively with others and find more fulfillment in general.

In addition to understanding your style, the SOI will help you recognize how influence is gained, lost, and how it may need to be re-established. You can begin to repair damaged relationships, or start new ones on the right foot by learning to identify tension, and how to move toward understanding and agreement.

To begin the process, take the Style of Influence assessment now, or contact our team for additional information.


The Style of Influence was developed with teams in mind. Research identified four highly consistent behaviors and the resulting questionnaire reveals how those behaviors 'show up' in a person. When a team's results are plotted on a graph together, team dynamics emerge in a way that the differences that tend to compete with one another are clearly identified and are turned to complements, resulting in unified commitments and higher performance.

Your results provide insights into your style of influence as you process ideas, relate with others, pursue goals, and manage details... all designed to help a team achieve peak performance.


To be successful, business leaders must effectively communicate objectives. If the team is not on the same page, the results can be disagreement and disengagement, which leads to poor performance and a frustrated, demotivated workforce. The Style of Influence informs business leaders how to engage with their teams by understanding and managing their contributions to the team, and being aware of how their behaviors influence others to act. The SOI helps leaders and their teams understand their communication styles and preferences around task achievement, and provides insights into how others do the same. To learn more about how to build high performance teams, contact the SOI team today.

Non-profit organizations are often built more around passion and vision than the bottom line of a profit/loss statement. Trust is huge, and oftentimes it is what is not being said that derails this team. Leveraging the SOI here will allow, even encourage, people to say what is on their mind and work with others in a way that keeps the organization's objectives the focus of their comment and activity, and not one another. The SOI clearly identifies attributes that work best in certain tasks and, when everyone is contributing their best, the work is lighter and can actually be fun. To learn more about how to get everyone pulling in the same direction, contact the SOI team today.

The Style of Influence enjoys a long history with religious organizations. The assessment was first developed to encourage conversation among leaders and reduce the miscommunication that negatively impacts their team and members. The SOI's unique approach to team building has assisted hundreds of organizations to not only attract lay leaders, but to assure they are fulfilling the roles they have been uniquely designed to execute. By understanding the core dynamics of what inspires and drives people, organizations empower strengths by finding the right place for them to serve. To learn more about how the SOI can empower you and your volunteer teams, contact the SOI team today.

Those working in an education environment want success... in their administration and academic teams as well as for every member of their student body. The SOI helps teams have the necessary conversations around achievement of programs that will result in student success that brings recognition to the institution. For the student, the SOI helps them to realize a great educational experience and explore the possible career paths that will bring them fulfillment. If you would like to know more about how the SOI will encourage teamwork and reduce conflict across your campus, contact the SOI team today!