Your Style of Influence

Upon completion of a 15 minute on-line questionnaire, your responses are analyzed to identify your default behavior in each of the four scales... this is your SOI. There is no “right answer” or “best score”. Your results are yours, revealing the best version of yourself. The percentile score calculated by your responses identifies how you will most naturally influence the people and environments around you in each of the four dimensions.

The percentile result is best rendered in the form of a pie, identifying your mixture of attributes in the dimensions associated within each activity. In each of the activities you will initially operate according to your greatest percentage, but your result does not limit you from operating in all dimensions, it simply identifies your default, your personal and more immediate style.

To appreciate your overall style of influence, your results are plotted on a graph. The graph identifies more personal behaviors below the mid-point and more outward behaviors above the mid-point. The line connecting your results communicates your movement, identifying your preferred influencing motivations, internal and external. For example, in the charts below, you will note one person’s results moving from the identification of their personal style to their overall influencing style and finally to how their style interacts with others on their team.

Self-awareness is good... self-management is better. The power of the SOI is found in how it clearly, scientifically identifies your inherent traits that motivate your actions. Complete a SOI questionnaire today and begin to realize the best version of yourself!